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Showing my first collection of Machine Learning art from 2018

This is out of my first collection of AI artwork collaborations. Most of these were made in 2018. I cant get enough of this stuff and I have about 300 images that I have been wanting to publish. I figured it would be best to unveil the first bits of bytes. 




machine artificial intelligence artist roscoe techno surrealism




roscoe lamontagne techno surrealism





jack ma artificial intelligence

 Jack MA


quantum computer jaguar

 Jaguar Super Computer



quantum computer artist Roscoe Lamontagne

 Quantum Computing Mother



real techno surrealism

 Roscoe Micro Chipped Painting



queen artificial thoughts machine





hello world AI art

Hello world - Artificial Intelligence





computer selfie techno surrealism roscoe


Selfie in a computer chip












sitting machine art




honeycomb ai bored art

 Bored in ML




bitcoin machine learning portrait

 Bitcoin Super Computer



peacock fabric ml art






techno surrealism tesla

 Tesla AI





roscoe self portrait machine learning





rhianna portrait computer





roscoe machine art


 Roscoe - Techno Surrealism




dark thoughts ai deep art technosurrealism #technosurrealism Printpainter


 Dark Net Thoughts



too many wires


 Wired up 2018 @printpainter




cuttlefish art captain falcon


 Cuttlefish Machine Art




real technosurrealism techno surrealism roscoe yeah i made it



 Neural Colors


I have been making 3D deep art over the past 5 years. Every year the apps get more powerful. This year I have been learning python so I can whip up my own Image Recurring Neural Network in the future. I like to do all kinds of things in there and I have spent 100's on HD renders. 

Techno Surrealism is a hashtag I decided to use about 4 years ago, because I couldn't find a better word to explain my art style. It has since been used on Instagram as a techno glitchy effect thing by some and random cool art stuff by others.  #technosurrealism on instagram.