Artist Bio



Personal Details

Roscoe Lamontagne (b. 1987, Massachusetts)

Lives in and runs a studio in South Boston, MA (since 2012)

  • Member of ACM “Association for Computing Machinery” (since 2007)
  • Trained under Edward Gazi for 5 years “MFA from NYU” (2007)
  • Mentored with Emmy Award winning Art Director Kevin Riley (2010)

Roscoe is a professional artist in Boston, Massachusetts. He has been a professional painter since he was 16 years old, and he has a BFA in computer animation. The artist is self employed and focuses on combining traditional art techniques with emerging technologies to give his clients forward thinking solutions. Some of his recent projects include an art Installation at MIT’s Ashdown House, and his art is permanently installed in other places like Century Bank HQ. Roscoe is always trying to find new ways to solve creative problems. His goal is to improve every day. Currently he is the co-founder and Art Director of a software company: MEGACITY inc. 



Art Installations

2021 "Series of Paintings" Golden Dragon, Weymouth MA

2020 "6 Large Paintings" Wellesley Family Dental, Wellesley, MA

2019 "3 paintings" Exponential Impact, Colorado Springs, CO 

2017 “10’ x 18’ painting” Private Residence Hingham, MA

2017 "40' x 16' Wall Mural for CAVA downtown Fenway, Boston

2016 “Wave Metal Mobile”Watertown, MA

2015 “MIT Ashdown House Installation” Cambridge, MA

2010 “Centro Ybor Mural integration” Tampa, FL

2005 “Newton Wellesley Hospital Mural Installation” Newton, MA




2015 “Avery Ashdown Fund, Massachusetts Institute of Technology” Cambridge, MA

2017 "Art on the Marquee, City of Boston" Boston, MA




2021 Harvard School of Medicine, Illustration art, April 2021

2020  Nature Biomedical Engineering Cover art July 2020

2020 Megacity art collection for app launch pre-sale

2019 ETH Denver Hackathon II, Created NFT Collectible Chest February 2019

2019 Painted a picture for Century Bank to commemorate the founder Marshal Sloane

2018  Fox Network, Licensed series of Paintings for Film.

2018 "Painted hundreds of pieces for Ebay at PAX" South Boston, MA

2018 "36 Complex Wooden Dance suits for Utah High School" UT

2017 Sold Miniature Sculpture Collection, Milton, MA

2016 Mitch Foley of Google, Boston MA

2015 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "6 paintings" Cambridge, MA

2015 NSC Consulting Services, Boston, MA

2015 New England Venture Capital Association, Boston, MA

2014 Sam Adams Brewery, Boston, MA

2013 Elena Crete, Manhattan, NYC

2012 Art Rev Studios, Miami, FL

2011 Cantina, Ybor City, FL

Notable Exhibitions

2020 "Till Spring Show" Techno Surrealism Painting, Waltham, MA  

2019 "Exponential Impact Demo Day Exhibition" Colorado Springs. CO

2019  "Art on The Blockchain" Brooklyn, NY.

2018 "MIT Hacking the Arts Festival" Artist / Attendee 

2018 "Ethereum Denver" Overall Prize winner Hackathon Denver, CO

2018 "Boston Neighborhood art show" Lower Mills, Boston, MA

2017 "Boston Neighborhood art show" Lower Mills, Boston, MA

2017 "TILL" Wave Gallery Steel Sculpture Installation Exibition" Watertown, MA 

2016 “NYC Fine Art Show” Manhattan, NY

2016 “Hope Events on Main” Pawtucket, RI

2015 "MIT Ashdown House Grant Art Exibition"

2015 “Meta Movement Showcase at Tesla Motors” Chelsea, NYC

2015 “Spirit of the 1920’s” Harlem, NYC

2012 “Vice City” Guillermo Perez III, Miami Beach, FL

2011 “GALLERY LIVE Artist’s Show”, feat. Gulliermo Perez III St. Petersburg, FL.




International Academy of Design and Technology, Computer Graphics,BFA, 2009

Art Instruction Schools, General Certificate, 2005

Attended Siggraph Transactions on Computer Graphics 2007,8,9,10,15

2018 MIT SAA 2D Studio Class Intro to Oil Painting - 

2019 MIT  SAA 2D Studio Class  Intermediate Oil Painting - 

2020 MIT SAA 2D Studio Class Intermediate Oil Painting -




2017 - 2019 Teach students to Paints at MCPHS one Class at a time. 

2017 New permanent Student who gets weekly Mentoring on Graphic Novels.

2016 Weekly Mentor for 3 local artists in Boston

2015 Taught Art Class at Harvard Business School for Students

2015 Private Art Tutoring for Local Students around Boston

2014 Taught Class at Harvard Business School for Faculty

2014 Taught Art Class for the Federal Reserve Boston

2014 Taught Class at Dassault Systemes in Waltham, MA

2013-2015 Taught over 200 private art classes to groups

2012 Taught Monthly Art Sessions at Gallery Live, Tampa, FL