Machine Learning with Art - An introduction

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I have had time to get back to what I do best...

Its 2020 My traditional spring business has be dramatically slowed. I have been using machine learning to generate ideas for over 2 years now. I can say its the best time to be interested. I have been painting and working on my computer everyday. I have used this time to develop a new skill. Programming => I have been starting with JavaScript, in hopes to understand enough to make some simple web games and web apps to express my ideas. I will be converting this knowledge to Python script so I can build my own deep art app. That's the pipe dream for now I want to start out showing you some apps you can use. 

How do we use Machine Learning for Art. 

Python script is used as a way of programming Deep Learning networks, to process images to give a result based off of 2 or more images. The stuff that comes out of these programs is amazing. Some of them are just basic looking filters but with enough manipulation you can get some "mind blowing results" well I think they are. Some people find it weird, or they say ooh. But this stuff blows my mind. 

neural net example 

This example shows us the inter-workings of a deep neural network with the example of identifying George Washington. The neural nets solves problems. This example identifies the president. However as artists we  can solve a problem by combining images we like to get a result. 

Generating the artwork.

creating deep learning art

For example here is a picture that started as a sketch in a tiny notebook. It was photographed and painted on an IPAD. One day messing around on OSTAGRAM I was looking for some resources so I took the painted picture and mixed with with a classic painting I like. The images were interpreted from the neural network into this fish city. You can then do whatever you want with this. I use them as road maps for my art. I like to do then draw these images on paintings, and throw away the road map. Finish painting without any reference when the colors are mixed to give the 3rd neural net a crack at it. 

fish city - roscoe lamontagne -neural art


I wanted to add a few more pieces of art I generated with this simulator. 

robot painted over

artificial intellegence artwork - woman in pool