We are about to add over 100 products to our store.

Posted by Roscoe Lamontagne on

For over a year I have been experimenting, playing, and tweaking Shopify. We have had a few successful campaigns selling sweat shirts, mugs, and posters. We have accepted American Express, Bitcoin, Mastercard, Pay Pal from customers all over the world. The experience was eye opening, and I truly believe in the power.

I definitely have not used Shopify to its full capacity yet. We broke even which is great, due to the fact I have not really promoted or added much inventory. Most of my sales have been from drop shipping via Printful and Shipstation. 

I plan to take this store to the next level over the next year. I will be adding a system that can catalog my artworks in my studio, and on the internet. I plan on organizing a few photo shoots to catalog a lot of my work. I would also like to try and promote some of the works via google shopping as well as some other social integrations that Shopify offers.

This is just my initial blast off to the world so I can make this happen. Get ready set, lets get this store on the road!