Blue Steel Heron Sculpture

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This is one of my favorite sculptures. It is 16" tall and 5" wide, with a nice balance. This heron is a home protector. I used to draw herons outside my door when I used to live in Florida, during College. We used to bait the water with bread and watch the herons swarm. A lot of my drawing style transferred over way more than I expected when I learned how to weld steel. A lot of my sketched come through when I start cutting and bending metal. This sculpture is my favorite in my personal collection, because it looks so different from each angle. This piece is indirectly inspired by a Picasso sculpture of a woman I read about right before I created this.

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I think its beautiful how sculptures can give new images from different viewpoints. While watching herons hunt fish I noticed how they would straighten to hide their weapons. I would be sad to see this go but it happy to see it in a nice collection.

blue steel heron sculpture