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Film is my favorite form of photography. I know for a fact that film is the clearest way to communicate to your message to your consumers and fans. 

Packaged shoots. Our options come with a crew, and all the equipment needed to shoot your project. Our base kit includes:

  • Camera - Sony a7s II - 4K film production camera with auto focus and 120 frames per second slow motion in HD. 
  • Lens Kit - Sony Zeiss 55mm, Zeiss 16-70mm , Sony SEL 28mm
  • Lighting - Battery powered LED lights
  • Audio - Zoom H4N PRO Digital Multitrack Recorder with microphones. Rent any equipment with 48 hours in advance.

Pre Production

The process starts by defining the mission of the video, and what needs to be accomplished. We then go into script writing and story boards, while defining locations. We can then book the talent required and we set up a shooting schedule. I make a gear list, and create the call sheet.


We show up an hour or more before the shoot starts, with the production staff needed. We usually begin by setting up lights, audio, and camera gear. We then do a briefing with any producers on set, and the talent. Then we can roll.


This is the magic part. The post production phase may just seem like editing, but there are elements of design, as well as technological solutions that need to be made. Audio, graphics, match moving special effects all need to be considered. We rely heavily on computers, software. The main goal here is to polish our production. Whether it be a cinema screen, a batch of Instagram videos or both this is the time to be creative and optimize for our screens. 


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